Teen Shares Coma Photo Warning Others Against Drug Use At Festivals

“I don’t have much recollection, I think because it was such a traumatic event”, Blackburn told BBC News. One of the group, Christian Pay, died as a result of taking the drugs.

Blackburn’s mother, who sat by his bedside, said that while he is physically recovering, he is experiencing painful ‘survivor’s guilt’.

“I knew about Christian and I just thought we’d lost him”, she said.

I really think I need to raise awareness and show people what the consequences are just off a little pill.

A number of days after the event, and after he emerged from his medically induced coma, Blackburn posted online that he’d been given a “second chance at life”.

His friend Christian Pay died from the drugs they took.

Eight others needed hospital treatment after swallowing the deadly pills, which are believed to have been stamped with the Rolls Royce and Adidas logos.

At least seven other people were treated in hospital after taking the “powerful and dangerous” drugs. The following picture might be disturbing to some viewers, but it is important to share and make real the dangers of wanton drug usage to our readers. Our advice is simple – do not take any drugs at Kendal Calling 2015.

“You never [realize] until it’s too late…You never think at that moment it is ever going to happen to you, but unfortunately you learn the hard way”.

Dr Jane Mathieson, consultant from Cumbria County Council Public Health, said: ‘I’d like to reiterate the police’s advice, these are powerful and risky substances which are simply not safe.

Kendal Calling was headlined by rapper Snoop Dogg, as well as Elbow and Kaiser Chiefs.

Source: http://www.dispatchtimes.com/teen-shares-coma-photo-warning-others-against-drug-use-at-festivals/43416/