‘Teenagers’ suicide highlights need for friendly parenting’ | Ludhiana News | #parenting

Ludhiana: Over the years Ludhiana city has witnessed many suicides committed by minor girls and boys. In almost all cases these teenagers were reportedly found depressed over some issue or had strained relations in the family. Experts believe that there is a need for parents to adapt to the new and friendly ways of parenting. Besides, there was also a need for more effective counselling and suicide prevention helplines, particularly for teenagers.
On Tuesday, the suicide of a 17-year-old Class XII student at Government Girl Senior Secondary School, Gill village, left everyone shocked. The girl had hanged herself from a ceiling fan inside the school, using her dupatta. According to police, the girl has left a suicide note in which she stated that her family wants her to get married after schooling, however, she wanted to pursue studies and make a good career. The girl could not take it and took the extreme step.
On December 13, allegedly harassed and humiliated by the neighbours, a mother-daughter duo of Haibowla area had committed suicide by hanging themselves from a ceiling fans of the house in Raghubir Park, Haibowal, on Saturday night. While the mother, 30-year-old, died on the spot, her 14-year-old daughter was rushed to hospital, where she died the next day.
In this case the police had booked a neighbour of the family and her friend, who is a fruit vendor. The latter had allegedly sent some objectionable messages to the 14-year-old girl on Facebook about a month before the incident. A complaint against him was made to the police, but later on they had reached a compromise. Thereafter, the man had stopped coming to the house of the woman. But on the night of December 13, the vendor and his wife had come to the neighbours’ house. When the mother objected to it the accused humiliated her and her daughter in front of everyone, following which they took the extreme step.
In Haibowal suicide case, not only the teenage girl, but her mother also could not face the humiliation and chose to end their lives.
In another incident reported on March 31, 2019, a 14-year-old attempted suicide by consuming phenyl in Dugri, who was allegedly harassed by her father and step mother. However, the girl was saved after the FIR was lodged against the accused duo. The stepmother had provoked the father to beat up the girl, following which the girl took the extreme step.
On March 6, 2018, a 16-year-old boy of Jeevan Nagar of Moti Nagar had allegedly committed suicide by hanging self in his house following the pressure of his relatives to marry a minor girl whom he did not like. Moreover, after getting the news of his suicide, the minor girl also jumped off the second floor of her house, however, she survived with several injuries.
Dr Anshu Gupta, a psychiatrist, said, “Teenagers are too sensitive to handle stress and relationship issues. In addition, when they don’t get a communication channel to share anything or feel their parents are not friendly, they build up everything in their mind and take the extreme step. It is high time that the elder members leave traditional parenting as children these days are too sensitive. Parents have to listen to their children and create a friendly environment at home.”
Further, Dr Gupta said, “For the children whose parents are not open minded or not educated enough to give a friendly environment, the administration or the health department should come up with a free suicide prevention helpline number. In majority of the foreign countries, they have suicide prevention helpline numbers.”
“Besides, it is time to add the stress handling subject in the school and college curriculum.”

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