Teens accused of planning mass school shooting

PASADENA,Calif. (NBC/KNBC) — Two southern California teenagers are accused of planning to carry out a mass shooting at their school. Police in South Pasadena say the two planned to kill three staff members and gun down as many students as possible. The teens are in custody.

Police say they uncovered their plans to carry out a mass shooting on campus. One of those students lived just a few blocks away from school. His family declined to speak on camera, but he reportedly resisted arrest when the SWAT team came to get him.

“He was very awkward, very low-keyed about himself,” said one student. “I rarely saw him talk at all.”

On Thursday school is scheduled to resume, even though some students may not be ready to come back.

“I’m scared knowing that school starts in a couple days,” said one student. “It makes me feel nervous.”

“You never, like, expect anything like this, so I think to hear this, is why everyone is so panicky and shocked,” said another student.