Teens arrested in connection with burglary and stolen weapons

CARTERVILLE — Several juveniles are in big trouble with police. The Williamson County Sheriff’s Department arrested five teenagers Monday and accused them of breaking into a Carterville home.

Because juveniles are involved, police are releasing very few details, but authorities say all of the teens involved have been released to their parents.

Monday afternoon, Williamson County Sheriff’s Department pulled over a car full of juvenile males along Route 13 in connection to a Carterville house being burglarized.

“A fellow was kind of watching out for his neighbors’ house while they were on vacation and saw something at that house that made him kind of suspicious. So, he went over and checked it and their was a problem there. Somebody had broken in,” says Deputy Brian Murrah.

He says a neighbor called authorities and was able to give investigators a vehicle description. He also saw two young males leave the residence in a white car. After speaking with homeowners, investigators determined the home had been broken into and several firearms and other items were missing.

“Once our people got the good vehicle description, they were able to put it out and one of our deputies, later in the evening, found the vehicle and stopped it,” says Murrah.

Murrah says inside the vehicle were two stolen guns. Numerous other items including cash, knives, and additional firearms were found at different locations. The five juveniles in the vehicle were taken to the sheriff’s office and the parents of all the juveniles were contacted.

“The investigators talked with Juvenile Probation and determined that what was required in this case was for the juveniles to be released to their parents,” says Murrah.

That doesn’t mean that they are out of the hot seat. The incident is still under investigation and all reports are being sent to juvenile probation and the state’s attorney to determine the charges.


WILLIAMSON COUNTY — Several teens were detained Monday in connection with a residential burglary on Burghoff Street in Carterville.

A neighbor called the sheriff’s office around 12:30 Monday afternoon concerning the burglary. The neighbor told authorities that the homeowner was gone on vacation and they were watching the home.

When deputies arrived a witness reported seeing two young males enter the home and then leave in a white car that was parked down the road. Authorities determined the home had been forcibly entered, upon further investigation it was determined that several firearms and other weapons were missing from the residence.

Around 5:15 p.m. a deputy located the suspected vehicle traveling on Route 13. Two of the stolen firearms were located in the vehicle. Five juveniles in the car were detained during the traffic stop and taken to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators interviewed all the juveniles then released them into their parent’s custody. An Illinois law requires the juvenile’s to be released.

As the investigation continued numerous other items, including cash, knives and another firearm, were located at different locations. Authorities believe another burglary that occurred in Crainville is connected to the burglary that happened on Burghoff Street.

Upon completion of the investigation, all reports will be sent to Juvenile Probation and the States Attorney Office for the determination of charges.