Teens brawl in front of Matamata funeral home | #students | #parents

Police are making inquiries after two teens repeatedly punched and kicked each other outside a Matamata funeral home today.

A video has emerged of a boy in mufti goading a student to fight by trying to kick and punch him outside Waterson’s Funeral Services and its neighbouring Rosa Chapel on Tamihana St just before 3.30pm.

The Year 10 student from Matamata College resists almost a dozen attempts before grabbing the boy’s leg and throwing him onto the ground.

The footage shows the pair pummelling each other on the grass until a third boy walks up to them and stamps his foot on them several times.

At least five other teens gather around and watch, with some filming it on their phones. The boys appear to stop after a car pulls up beside them.

Matamata College principal Alan Munro said it was very disappointing and unacceptable behaviour by young person in the Matamata community.

Munro said the student was assaulted after being challenged by a person who does not attend the school, off-site on the way into town after school.

No one appeared to have been seriously hurt, he said.

A witness told the Herald the boy only started to fight back after being provoked. He called the police, but said the group ran off when officers arrived.

Police confirmed officers were alerted to the altercation at about 3.26pm involving young people on Tamihana St in Matamata and were continuing to make inquiries relating to the circumstances and those involved.

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