Teens Fight Back Against Unfair Dress Codes | Opinion | #students | #parents

Throughout time, school systems have made many rules in regards to student dress codes. However, these school systems have also had different standards for boys and girls. Due to this difference, many students have petitioned against their schools dress code. 


Why must students follow a dress code in lower levels of school and not college? The distractions dress code enforcers may say result from certain outfits are irrelevant. Students would do better within their academics if they didn’t have to worry about their clothes. 


In schools, girls specifically are sexualized because of their bodies. These girls should not have to worry about their clothes while focusing on school. When college comes, there is no dress code because institutions state that students are more mature. 


For students to mature this way in secondary school is to change the current rules. With societal changes, students should be accepted in any manner of clothes they have. Current regulations within schools are limiting the student experience. 


When students feel as if they are being scrutinized for their clothes, this leaves a bad sentiment for the student. Additionally, this may make students feel like they are being treated unfairly by their school. 


With students and parents fighting back against these codes, more schools are getting backlash. I think students in secondary school should have the opportunity to dress as they want and can afford. This change will allow students to feel as though they are being treated with equality. 


Making these changes for students is the best way to improve their experience and help with their academics. Having a stress free environment for students should be the main focus of schools instead of monitoring what each student wears to school.

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