#teensexting | #sexting | 10 Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your Child’s Activities on Mobile

Watching your child’s activities on their devices is one of the most crucial things you can do as a parent. Kids use their mobile phones to do a variety of things; they communicate with friends, access the internet, post images, and many more.

Nowadays, there are many predators and bullies, and their sole intention is to harm your child. And the best way to get to know what your child does is through child monitoring.

Check out the reasons why child supervision on mobile is essential:


1. Internet accessibility


Your child can easily access the internet using their mobile phone, and it’s alarming how kids can make online decisions that are contrary to their offline behaviors.

As such, kids have an opportunity to engage in violent and abusive acts online, and this exposes them to sexual offenders and many other risks.

For this reason, you should consider child monitoring to determine how your kid behaves online.


2. Safeguard personal information


Kids can display private information on social media using their phones. They may share their location, images, names of the school attended, their full names, where they live, information about their parents, and many more.

Online predators use this information to track your child offline, and this can be risky.

Therefore, educate your child on the dangers of sharing such information with strangers. But, if your child continues to share more personal data, use parental control app for their phone or other measure to curtail this behavior, like limiting their access to the internet.


3. Protect their reputation


If your kid posts unsightly images online, this can affect them even in the future. By watching your kid’s mobile activities, it’s easy to know what your child posts when online.

Let your kid know that some of the things they share can affect their chances of securing a job or even college admission in future.


4. Child online predators


If your kid uses their mobile phone to access the internet. Then you should be watchful; the internet is a tool used by predators to lure kids online.

Predators use different tactics to entice children into meeting them offline. Most kids fall to this trap because they are naïve and not aware of the dangers of talking to and trusting strangers. As such, download a child monitoring app to help you observe your child’s activities.



5. Alerts on dangerous activities


By using parental control software to monitor your child, you get alerts if there’s something suspicious going on.

For instance, you get notified when your kid sends or receives inappropriate texts, or starts communication with someone who looks suspicious or chats with peers about illegal activities.

Monitoring kids will enable you to intervene before it’s too late.

6. Sexting


Many kids believe that it’s sexy and okay to share nude images of themselves to others. They may also forward photos of others to someone else. You can track your child’s phone to discourage this behavior.

Download a reputable child tracking app and use it to watch your kid’s online activities and dissuade sexting.


7. Cyberbullying


The internet exposes kids to online bullies. Your child may experience harassment, and this affects them mentally, socially, and psychologically. Some kids may suffer emotional distress and may not share this with their parents.


When you watch your child online, you can quickly know when your child encounters a bully or tries to bully others. This will help you address the issue swiftly and effectively.


8. Viruses and malware


There are many apps and websites online and some contain harmful content that can affect your child negatively. It’s also not easy for kids to identify a trustworthy app, website, or download and so they can unknowingly access inappropriate information or infect their devices.

By monitoring the sites kids visit and apps they download, you can realize if they are interacting with harmful sites and app and stop it before much damage and virus infestation happens.


9. Identity theft


Kids can easily give too much information, and this makes it easy for others to steal their identity. In fact, kids can unwittingly give out their parent’s details and put adults at risk too.

Criminals can use the data shared to open credit card accounts and carry out various types of fraud. Watching your child’s activities protects them and you from this danger.



10. Limiting screen time


By monitoring your child, you become more aware of the time your child spends with their device. This way, you can set limits on when or how long they should use their phones.

By limiting kids’ screen time, you protect your child from dangers associated with prolonged use of electronic devices and also encourage them to participate in other healthier outdoor activities.


Kids are very vulnerable and get exposed to many dangers when using their internet connected mobile devices. For this reason, child monitoring is vital. It enables you to know what your child does with their device, and this helps you enforce their safety online.

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