#teensexting | #sexting | Divorce lawyer explains Meghan & Jim Edmonds’ breakup

In October 2020, Meghan King revealed that her son Hart has cerebral palsy. Afterward, Jim Edmonds’ representative told Us Weekly, “Jim is unaware of any such diagnosis and, if it is even true, it is completely unconscionable and absolutely disgraceful that Meghan would announce this on social media without discussing it with him first.” 

Divorce lawyer Dori Shwirtz told Nicki Swift, “Having a child with special needs requires tremendous coordination and teamwork between parents to ensure success.” Although their split has been contentious, Shwirtz says, “The best thing they can do to get on the path to success is create a detailed parenting plan which would spell out their wishes for the kids. This would cover everything from their schedules, what are the parents’ particular financial and decision making responsibilities and who gets them on holidays.”

In regard to Hart, Shwirtz says they should create a “comprehensive outline on how they will handle [his] particular needs.” She shared some specific questions they should answer: “Will one parent be responsible for making the major decisions about his care or will they do this jointly? Is it easier for one parent to have primary physical custody because it is more difficult to move the child frequently?” 

Meghan and Jim also need to agree on a treatment plan, which would include “any changes in their son’s care going forward.” Despite the ugly split, Shwirtz declared, “I believe Meghan and Jim can make it work and that it’s not too late.”

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