#teensexting | #sexting | Girl, 4, died in boiling car while parents spent hours at family funeral

A GIRL of four died in a boiling car while her parents spent hours at a family funeral.

The tot was left in a car hot enough to roast a chicken as her mum and dad attended the service, local media reports.


Saida, 4, died as the result of being locked in her parents’ car, it’s been allegedCredit: CEN
Iranian city of Ramhormoz where Saida, 4, was allegedly left to die in a car hot enough to roast a chicken in2

Iranian city of Ramhormoz where Saida, 4, was allegedly left to die in a car hot enough to roast a chicken inCredit: CEN

The girl, named only as Sadia, was locked into the car and eventually succumbed to heat stress and a lack of oxygen, according to doctors.

She arrived for the service with her parents in Ramhormoz, Iran, but was left after they noticed she was asleep.

According to local media, they “forgot” her due to the stress of the funeral of an aunt.

Sadia died as temperatures soared to 49C outside, which would have made inside the car 76C – enough to roast a chicken, it’s been alleged.

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When her parents finally returned, they found their daughter unconscious in the back seat and called an ambulance.

Medics were able to confirm the tot had died from heat stroke and suffocation.

The head of Ramhormoz’s forensics department Dr Gholamreza Haidarnejad said: “A young couple left their four-year-old child sleeping in a car when they went to mourn the little girl’s aunt.

“The parents who decided not to wake the child then forgot her because of their distress during the funeral.

“The child was left in the car for several hours in hot, sunny weather and the car doors were locked.”

He confirmed Sadia died from stress, heat intensity and a lack of oxygen.

The couple are now said to be receiving counselling and an investigation has been launched into the tragedy by local police.

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