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The online world is full of many dangers but this new app, the MoVi, can help prevent our kids from seeing anything inappropriate & alerts parents.

With children so connected to the digital world these days, it can be a scary place for parents. Who knows what could be going on in your child’s cell phone? While there are plenty of gadgets and apps out there to monitor your child’s online activity, a new one just hit the market, and as a parent, you are going to love it.

According to PR Newswire, the MoVi (MObile VIgiliance) app can be used on kid’s cell phones as well as other electronic devices in order to keep kids safe from child predators, adult content, sexting, and even bullying. It was launched on September 7, and at the moment is an Android application that can be installed on cell phones as well as tablets.

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The way it works is that the app monitors incoming and outgoing images that appear on your child’s cell phones and tablets. When any kind of inappropriate content is found, it alerts the parents immediately. The inappropriate content that is found on your child’s device is then also sent to you directly so you can see what was being sent.

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Todd Bucciarelli, chief executive for iBucci, who are the developers of the MoVi® app have said that while cell phones are very beneficial to children, those very same phones can open them up to a world of adult and even criminal content. He said that the challenge in creating the app was, “to do it in a way that was parent-friendly and impossible for kids to bypass.”

MoVi is one app that is super easy to install, in under one minute on just the parent’s device. That is what makes it different from other apps, which typically require an app installation on both child and parent’s phones, this one doesn’t require that.  What happens if the child tries to figure out a way to bypass the system? It sends out an alert to the parent.

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It also helps to stop third-party sharing of your child’s information by connecting your child’s phone directly to yours, using a peer-to-peer connection. They also use something called SpotCheck, which randomly sends four photos from your child’s phone that they have taken throughout the day, so you know what your child is doing.

If you are interested in learning more about MoVi, you can visit their website by clicking here. It works with all current and future Android versions, so you can grab it and install it on any operating system that you are working on.

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