#teensexting | #sexting | Sexting a ‘potential problem parents need to be aware of’ the moment children get a phone – social media expert | 1 NEWS

How prevalent is sexting in society, and is it a conversation parents in New Zealand should be having with their kids?

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Tim Wilson has this story following the recent political sexting scandal.
Source: Seven Sharp

The topic has been recently brought to the fore after multiple women have come forward accusing now former National MP Andrew Falloon of sending them sexually explicit content. 

Social media expert Jess Moloney says a recent survey showed that 53 per cent of millennial women had received a photo of objectionable material. 

She told Seven Sharp it happens to girls of all ages.

“Primarily from the moment they get a mobile phone, or a tablet or an iPad or anything that has that connectivity to the internet, it’s a potential problem that parents need to be aware of.”

To prevent it from happening, an inevitable conversation needs to be had between a parent and their child, and not just with daughters.

“For boys it’s about not sending these kind images that this is not the type of behaviour you should demonstrate to those you might be pursuing,” Moloney says.

“And for girls it’s really about knowing how to deal with it when you do receive one. Tell a parent, tell a trusted friend and actually say no you’re not allowed to do this to me.”

Moloney says parents should check in with their kids every couple of weeks to ensure they aren’t receiving anything of the sort.

“It’s a jungle out there and you want to protect your kids.”

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