#teensexting | #sexting | Tess Daly: who is the Strictly Come Dancing host and mum of two?

Tess Daly is arguably the golden girl of Saturday night television – and Sunday nights too.

As co-host of the BBC’s hit show, Strictly Come Dancing, Tess entertains huge audiences (frequently over 10 million) as she guides famous faces to the ballroom and gives them a shoulder to cry on when they get voted off.

But there is a lot more to the star who has barely taken any time off since starting work as a teenager – even when she gave birth to the two children (16-year-old Phoebe and 12-year-old Amber) she has with hubby Vernon Kay.

Who is Tess Daly’s husband?

Tess married fellow TV presenter Vernon Kay in 2003 after meeting hosting T4 together.

Tess Daly and Vernon Kay

They might be ultimate #couplegoals these days, but Vernon and Tess’s marriage hit a rocky patch in 2010 after his sexts to model Rhian Sugden were exposed.

In 2017, Tess referenced the incident, describing marriage as “a work in progress”. She added, “All marriages have their moments. Vernon and I are just people at the end of the day.” However, Vernon recently said the couple had “moved on”.

1 – Her name isn’t even Tess!

Tess was born in Stockport on 27 April 1969. She has a younger sister called Karen, and her dad, Vivian, worked in a wallpaper factory mixing dyes and her mum, Sylvia, worked in a paper mill. But her actual name is Helen Elizabeth Daly.

2 – Her parents wanted her to work in banking

Vivian and Sylvia are also perhaps the reason Tess has a strong work ethic (even if she ignored their career advice).

“My mum and dad considered a good job either nursing or working at a bank because, then, a job at a bank was for life and you had an interest-free mortgage and a pension. My mum thought that was the perfect job and tried to persuade me,” she said.

We’re glad she didn’t listen!


6 – she began her career as a model

Tess was discovered outside a McDonalds in Manchester a few weeks before she turned 18. She worked all over the world modelling for brands and on magazine covers.

5 – She’s not the biggest fan of French men

Modelling also took Tess to Paris where she lived for five years.

“I was on the Paris metro and a couple of blokes grabbed me by the arm and demanded that I leave with them. When I said ‘no’ they got nasty so I had to give them a wallop,” she recalled in 2009.

“Parisian men have such a high opinion of themselves but they’re the worst dancers in the world,” she added.

6 – Tess Daly Duran Duran music videos

Tess makes a sultry cameo in the video for their 1990 song Violence of Summer (Love’s Taking Over) and has a rather starring role in the video for their follow up song Serious (set in a circus). Rock and roll!

7 – She strips naked in another music video

Not content with perking up Duran Duran videos, Tess also featured in the Sweet Harmony music video for electro dance band The Beloved in 1993.

8 – Her break into presenting was a little make-shift

Tess moved to New York while still a model when a friend suggested she try interviewing. She grabbed a camera and rang up controversial British writer Quentin Crisp and asked if she could interview him. He said yes. They hit it off. And footage from the chat went into a show reel that Tess used to land presenting roles back in the UK.

9 – The Big Breakfast was her big break

Producers at Channel 4 were impressed when they saw Tess’s showreel and immediately snapped her up to host a spot on iconic early morning show The Big Breakfast for their Find Me A Model competition (she was an expert in modelling, after all). She then went on to host other shows including MTV dating show Singled Our, SMTV Live, Smash Hits TV, and Make Me A Supermodel.

10 – Strictly brilliant

Tess joined presenting legend Sir Bruce Forsyth in 2004 when the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing show launched and has been the longest serving host ever since – appearing on all series and specials since. Brucie left the show in 2014, with Claudia Winkleman taking over from him. Tess took three weekends off in the second series to give birth to her first daughter.

11 – She was very close to Bruce

“He wouldn’t want to think of himself as a father figure to me, more of a friend – he’s got five girls [and a son] of his own – but he was always a very supportive presence,” Tess said in an interview in 2017.

“I can still ask him about anything. He’s a special chap. Every time I see him, I tell him I love him and give him a hug,” she added.


Burce sadly died later that year.

Tess Daly


12 – Charity star

Tess landed another iconic hosting role in 2008 when she joined the late Sir Terry Wogan to host the annual Children in Need television show.

Most recently she hosted alongside Radio host Greg James as Children in Need aired for the first time this November following Terry’s sad death at the start of the year.

13 – She is very forgiving

Tess started dating Vernon Kay in 2001 and the two tied the knot in 2003. They welcomed their first child in October 2004 and their second in May 2009 and it seemed like they were a rare celebrity couple to have a solid marriage.

But then in February 2010 Tess’s world was rocked when accusations of Vernon sexting via text and Twitter made headlines.

“We’ve had ten great years together, we’ve got two beautiful kids and we both think that’s worth fighting for,” Tess said at the time.

Their marriage was rocked a second time in March this year as more accusations of sexting emerged (involving the same glamour model, RhianSugden, as the first time) but the pair seem to have weathered this one too.

We’re not sure we could be as forgiving…

14 – She is a motor mouth

During a Guardian interview in 2010 it is noted that Tess spoke at a rate of 116 words per minute! She could totally talk for Britain!

Tess Daly


15 – Tess was very close to her dad

Sadly Tess’s dad, Vivian, died in September 2003 – 18 days after Tess and Vernon got married.

While the star is glad her dad saw her walk up the aisle, she is sad he never got to meet Phoebe and Amber.

“It breaks my heart that he never knew his grandchildren because he would have adored them. I can just see him bouncing them on his lap, and it makes my breath catch in my throat,” she said.

16 – She is a hands on mum

Tess prides herself on the fact she has never hired a nanny and thinks it is great to be as involved in her children’s lives as possible.

“I don’t want to hand over a role that I so thoroughly enjoy myself. I love those moments – the homework, the school run, when I get to chat to other mums. That’s real life,” Tess says.

17 – And she’s a sensible parent

And don’t expect Tess and Vernon’s girls to be one of those typical spoiled kids of famous people types.

“We’ve always been aware of teaching them the value of things,” Tess says.

“I try to explain that stuff doesn’t just arrive, and that when we go to work, it’s to pay for holidays and treats. I’d hate to have a spoilt brat – I’d think I hadn’t done my job properly. I want them to be appreciative,” she adds.

Good parenting advice all round, really.

19 – Don’t get her started on inheritance tax…

“It’s disgraceful,” she raged in an interview six years ago.

“It’s effectively triple taxation because you’ve paid tax on your earnings, you then buy a property, you pay stamp duty for the privilege of buying it, and then you pay for it for 25 years; you want to pass it on to your kids, but you can’t because they have to sell it immediately to pay 40% death duty. To pay taxes on a property that’s been paid for with money that’s been taxed!””she seethed.

Actually, she kind of does have a point… we’re outraged too.

20 – Kate Moss is her style icon

They’re both blonde, they’ve both done modelling, but Tess definitely looks up to Kate for a bit of style inspiration.

‘Channelling this look right now! Rockin hair n make up! a bit of #katemoss #rockchick #supermodel,’ Tess wrote alongside a snap of Croyden’s finest on Indstagram.

Tess Daly


21 – And so is Sandy from Grease?

For Children in Need 2015, Tess got into the musical spirit, dressing up as pin-up star Sandy from the hit musical Grease.

And we kind of think the look suits her!

22 – She has some cute pooches

Tess is ALWAYS instagramming her pet dogs.

She has a tiny chuawa called Blue and a Maltese Shitzu named Minnie and they are both pretty adorable.

‘Minnie and Blue ready for breakfast!’ she wrote on Instagram with a snap of the pair when Blue was a puppy.

So precious.

23 – No seriously, she REALLY loves dogs

It’s not just her own pooches that Tess love – she usually hangs out at and is involved with Crufts.

Joining up with ex-Strictly judge Alesha Dixon, the pair promote dog care at the annual dog show. And Tess has also campaigned to raise awareness about lung worm – that can kill pooches.

24 – Tess has a LOT of Celebrity friends

It’s not just famous co-stars like Bruce Forsyth and Claudie Winkelman that Tess hangs out with.

The former model also likes to rub shoulders with Hollywood stars Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson, former girlband members like Kimberly Walsh and Emma Bunton, and even the royals – Prince Charles and Camilla!


25 – She likes a bit of tennis

It’s not just the royal family that turn up to Wimbledon every year. You’re basically garunteed to see Tess and Vernon there, grinning, looking fabulous, and wearing sunglasses.

Even though it usually does rain.

26 – She can be a bore on Instagram…

Now don’t get us wrong. We love Tess’s Instagram feed. She always looks incredible on there, and it’s fun to get a real behind-the-scenes look at her glamorous life.

But… sometimes she shares too many snaps of her food on there.

Soz Tess. But we all know what avocado and toast looks like, thanks.

27 – She is a sweet thief!

Tess isn’t just taking photos of food. She is stealing it too!

When asked what she thinks Claudia Winkelman would say her worst habits are, Tess admitted, “She might say mine is procrastinating about wanting to buy my dream home in the south of France… or pinching all her Haribo!”

What a cheeky sweetie!

28 – She’s good for a make-up tip

There is no disputing Tess always looks radiant on Strictly.

Even sequins don’t sparkle as much as she does!

And fortunately, she is generous when it comes to finding out how to look young and fresh.

“I also found this wonderful new product by Elizabeth Arden called Super Restart. It’s a serum that you put on the skin during the day, after you’ve cleansed and moisturised in the morning, put it under your make up. And it blurs the fine lines and makes your skin look quite dewy,” she shared in a recent interview.

29 – She prefers nights in to nights out

Asked what would be an ideal night out, Tess said: “Takeaway on the sofa with the family – or cocktails and a gossip with girlfriends.”

Invite us over, Tess, and we will bring a bottle of wine and pay for the Dominos…

30 – She has a fear of flying

Despite all those years of traveling the world as a model, Tess says she is terrified of flying.

“Since becoming a mother, and even more so since I’ve had my second child, I’m just not keen on flying anymore,” she confessed in a 2013 interview.

Tess even went to see a specialist for help to fight her fear.

“I actually get terrified in the air now to the point where I’ve had to see a specialist to deal with my fear of flying. I’d say it’s at least 70 per cent better now since speaking to someone and trying to rationalise the fear,” she said.

A stiff gin and tonic usually does the trick for us – and then ten more once the plane is in the air.

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