#teensexting | #sexting | Who is Ivy Reneau? Oklahoma Middle School Teacher Accused of Sexting a Teenager 

Oklahoma – So today we have Ivy Reneau. An Oklahoma-based Midwest City Middle School Teacher. I don’t know how to see her last name so sorry. But we have a middle school teacher who is 28 years old, who was sending inappropriate videos and nudes to a teenager after school.

Here is the info. New court documents found in Oklahoma County District Court revealed that Ivy Reneau, who was also a former assistant soccer coach, met the team at practice and heard rumors that he liked her and wanted to watch her run.

Ivy Reneau: Why was an Oklahoma Middle School teacher arrested?

Weird anyways, Ivy Reneau then alleged to added the 16-year-old on Snapchat. Okay, she heard he liked her and added him on Snapchat. The court documents detailed that Ivy allegedly sent the teen three or four nude photos and an inappropriate video.

The teen showed the pictures to a few of his teammates. According to court records, the document says Ivy Reneau admitted to Midwest City Police attempted that she sent the pictures.

She also denied there was ever a physical relationship between the two but confesses, that they talked about hanging out one time but never went through with it. Reneau is now facing a felony charge but the teacher has not been taken into custody as of yet.

Chating with Minor on Snapchat & Facebook

But also Oklahoma’s age of consent is 16 Okay, um but the authority can still be charged for having a sexual relationship with children under 18 and under. I’m gonna give you my thoughts on this because to me it’s kind of disturbing regardless of you know, 16 is legal and Oklahoma or whatever the case may be.

16 is still a child so I don’t want to stand what made Ivy Reneau feel like it was okay to talk to a 16-year-old who is a teen child she’s 28 years old, like Get it together like that’s just ill to me like that’s disgusting.

Like that’s still a child who wants to talk to a 16-year-old. You are a whole adult-like let’s get it together to me this is giving a pedophile Rive Chow molester in the works like who else is a victim?

But let me know what you have thoughts on this sick situation because I feel like this is sick. Like Comment, subscribe, and share. Thank you for reading. I hope I enjoyed it and stay tuned for the next article.

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Who is Ivy Reneau’s Husband? Marital Status & Boyfriend

There is very limited information about Ivy Reneau’s spouse, boyfriend, and personal life. According to a news source, she is presently unmarried. However, she had dated a Caucasian guy in 2020. Last year, this couple broke up.

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