Telling Trans Stories: Jeremiah – HRC | #students | #parents

Jeremiah is a 17-year-old kid in Alabama who loves to skateboard with his friends, is an amazing visual artist and an outspoken advocate. He and so many other trans kids are under attack by state legislators trying to pass harmful bills. We talked with him and his mother about an Alabama bill that would make providing gender-affirming care to kids a felony.

“I came out to my mom as trans when I was 12. I told her by sending an email explaining who I am and connecting her to some online articles about what it means to be transgender. Her response was more than I could’ve ever asked for. Not only was she supportive from day one, but she shared that many of her friends I’d known my entire life were trans, I just didn’t know it. Shortly after, she reached out to a friend who also has a trans son and they connected us to different doctors and counselors in the area.”

“The journey hasn’t always been easy, but there have been so many who’ve helped along the way. A lot of people have this misconception of trans kids going into doctors’ offices, demanding hormones and surgeries — but that simply isn’t even close to the reality. I spent the first few years meeting with counselors who helped me navigate my gender identity and begin to socially transition. It wasn’t even until I turned 14 that I was able to get hormones, and even then the amount prescribed wasn’t that much, but the emotional difference it made was incredible. I felt more like myself than ever before. The care trans kids get allows us to be healthy and safe, to create a path so that in the future we can make our own decisions.”

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