Terry: Jersey City Board of Education needs a change | #Education

With the upcoming race for Jersey City Board of Education, I strongly urge voters to please do your research on the candidates. As our nation is experiencing a national health pandemic, teachers, staff, faculty, and students are facing tough times and we need all hands on deck. As Jersey City continues to rise, we can’t leave our educational system behind as every child deserves a top notch quality education. There are currently two slates running in the board of education election. One slate (Education Matters) is backed by the teachers union and another slate (Change for Children) is backed by small business owners, community leaders, and organizations invested in Jersey City.

Within the past few years, I have supported candidates running with the Education Matters team but I am deeply concerned about the future of the board. When taxes are raised during an emergency crisis, and when donors are giving money to a slate with no full transparency; where is the trust? For many of you who know me, I believe raising taxes has to be the last option not the first. During a time, when working class families are struggling to put food on the table, and pay bills, the district deserves far better.

In addition, I fully support unions as I believe they are the backbone to our economy, however we must carefully examine every scenario when it comes down to elections. There are a silent majority of teachers who are not happy with what is going on in the district who want to see a real change.

I urge voters to mail in your ballot and support the Change for Children slate (4, 5, 6 on the ballot) as it’s time our students, teachers, and staff are put first.

-Demetrius M. Terry

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