Testing Stranger Danger

After several attempted abductions in the Tulsa area, we decided to test area children at a local park.


19 thoughts on “Testing Stranger Danger

  1. TigerLilly

    2/3 passed the test… 2/3 is not good enough. We need to try better as a
    society to help protect kids against strangers. Lets face it, you can
    educate your kids all you want, but sometimes, they still don’t put those
    lessons into use. If you are witnessing a stranger talking to a child, you
    have to stand up for them. Like my mom says, “With kids, it goes in one ear
    and out the other.” (I think she says that because of me…)

  2. JokerUnbekannt

    It was like my conscious telling me No andy this guy will fuck your brains
    out and you wont have this happen again