Texas officer’s warning to bullies: ‘Stop it or I’ll see you in court’

KAUFMAN, Texas — A Kaufman County Constable disgusted by student bullies, issued a warning to them and their parents on Facebook: Stop it or I’ll see you in court.
The constable says some students are also mocking teachers who are trying to stop them from bullying.
After receiving complaints from educators and parents, Kaufman County’s Precinct Two Constable Jason Johnson sent Forney School students a warning about bullying.
“This will not be tolerated anymore,” Johnson said.
He posted his message on Facebook.
“They will receive a citation and or jail depending on the law that is violated,” Johnson said.
Johnson said parents who picked up their elementary and middle school students witnessed older kids picking on younger ones — “grabbing younger kids by the back-packs and throwing them into oncoming traffic.”
Johnson said these same students are taunting teachers who escort younger children walking home to the end of school property.
“They’re literally going, you can’t cross that line, you can’t touch me, I’m not on school property,” Johnson said.
Parents are praising the constable.
“Kind of makes you question the kids that my kids are going to school with” Robin Carroll, a parent, said. “I don’t want that rubbing off on them.”
Johnson said he wants bullies to know they’re “not going to bully another child in (his) county or my precinct.”
And, if the message isn’t clear enough, Johnson says they can get a ticket and come to court to hear it face to face.
The constable says the reaction from parents has been overwhelmingly positive.

Source: http://foxsanantonio.com/news/local/texas-officers-warning-to-bullies-stop-it-or-ill-see-you-in-court