That’s Outrageous! – Stranger Danger

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25 thoughts on “That’s Outrageous! – Stranger Danger

  1. jonathan pipher

    they let me down, was looking forward to a very in depth long album, and
    this album is short as hell, i can’t stand short albums, disappointed in

  2. ilikeurmom12

    Sounds like it, but if you pay attention its actually pretty different at
    the same time. At the end of the day, its a breakdown and breakdowns
    generally sound alike regardless.

  3. POLOYOLO420

    Agreed! Album is still solid and post-production is polished & super
    creative. Just threw me off a bit with the intro of this song that it
    sounded so similar to FFAK.

  4. Ryan Alexander

    What song if you dont mind me asking. I listen to a lot of Fit For A King &
    I thought it sounded familiar.

  5. Ryan Maly

    Until I looked up the lyrics, I was almost positive he screamed “I never
    tore the jegging!” before the breakdown hahahaha.

  6. Corey Garry

    They don’t wanna drag it out and beat it up with pointless continuation.
    Their songs are to the point.

  7. Evan Akers

    well im not going to pay 12 fucking dollars for a cd if its only 20 minutes
    long…unless its thats outrageous deffinantally worth it