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Whitney, Erin, and Carlin Bates shared their parenting dos and don’ts with Us Weekly and the sisters are all simpatico with their advice.

When it comes to raising well-adjusted children, there are many different points of view of the best way to do so. Those opinions can even differ from family member to family member, who grew up in the same household. However, Whitney, Erin, and Carlin Bates are on the same page and recently shared what those dos and don’ts are when it comes to raising their children.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, the Bates sisters touched on several topics they and many other parents deal with and how to best deal with them.

One of the biggest issues that pop up for the Bringing Up Bates stars is the use of social media.

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For anyone who decides to share their lives on social media, they, unfortunately, open themselves up for a backlash. For celebrity moms, that backlash comes in the form of mom-shaming and at times, it can be brutal. The Bates sisters try to handle all the comments, good and bad, in stride though.

Making the conscious decision to not respond to anyone who “doesn’t want an answer” is the way that Erin handles those who make rude comments, according to Us Weekly. That does not mean that if a comment needs to be explained she will not “clarify” it. On the contrary. The mother-of-four, whom she shares with her husband, Chad Paine, will address comments that need to be made if there is an obvious misunderstanding.

However, Erin stated that the number of positive comments she receives outweighs the negatives and for that, she “feels blessed,” according to Us Weekly.

Carlin takes the same approach as her older sister, understanding how it is easy to get a perspective of someone on social media that might not be true. As such, when it comes to correcting someone, she tries to “give grace” to those requiring clarification.

When it comes to temper tantrums, the sisters all agree that a public place is not the space to deal with them. What seems to work best with all of their children, except for Erin, whose daughter with her husband, Evan Stewart, is only 14-months-old, is getting out of the public space and handling what the root of the issue is at home.

Erin, Carlin, and Whitney share their parenting dos and don'ts with Us Weekly
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A relaxing glass of wine at the end of the day is a definite no-no for all three sisters. Erin told Us Weekly that she might indulge in a Dr. Pepper “once in a blue moon” for a special event. And as for Whitney, the soon-to-be mother-of-four, who shares her children with her husband, Zach Bates, her way of unwinding at the end of the day is a nice bath.

One of the things all of the ladies do believe in is showing affection to their husbands in front of their children.

Because Erin, Carlin, and Zach were all raised in a home with their parents showing affection towards one another, they do the same around their children. According to Erin, it gave the family a sense of “security and unity” seeing their parents’ love for one another.

And while Whitney married into a family, she has no problem with showing PDA in front of her children, calling it “something that’s natural” in the interview, and not something they choose to hide from their little ones.

The hope of Erin, Carlin, and Whitney is that seeing the affection will give them that same sense of security and feel a sense of love in the home.

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Source: Us Weekly, Inter Reviewed

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