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Gilmore Girls may be all about a tightknit mother-daughter bond, but Lorelai has made some disastrous parenting decisions. And she’s not the only one.

For countless fans of Gilmore GirlsLorelai (Lauren Graham) is the perfect mother. She’s not against junk food (in fact, she prefers it to salads), she loves pop culture, and she’s free-spirited and hilarious. But even Lorelai makes some wrong turns while raising Rory (Alexis Bledel) on the TV drama, and it’s definitely true that her own parents make mistakes with her all the time.

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The characters grow a lot over the show’s seven seasons and Lorelai in particular becomes a real adult. But with such a large cast of characters, it makes sense that many of Lorelai’s friends and family would also make some bad decisions with their children.

10 Lorelai Ignores Rory When She’s Upset With Her

Fans take issue with some season 1 storylines and one problematic thing about Lorelai is how she behaves when she’s upset with her daughter.

When Rory and Dean (Jared Padalecki) stay out too late after the Chilton dance, for instance, Lorelai totally ignores Rory for a while and won’t actually talk to her about her feelings. It takes her a while to open up. The mother and daughter also stop talking in the sixth season after Lorelai freaks out that Rory stole a yacht. This isn’t a very mature way for a mother to act.

9 Luke Doesn’t Tell Lorelai He Has A Daughter

gilmore girls april

Not every Gilmore Girls fan loves April Nardini (Vanessa Marano), but it’s really bad that Luke doesn’t tell Lorelai about her for quite a while.

This doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. After all, Lorelai has not only been a single mom for a long time, but she accidentally got pregnant in high school. If anyone understands this type of situation, it’s Lorelai, and Luke isn’t being very mature.

8 Lorelai Doesn’t Want Rory Spending Time With Her Grandparents

rory and emily watching ballroom dancing on gilmore girls

Sometimes Lorelai was nice to her mom Emily (Kelly Bishop), but most of the time she wanted nothing to do with her parents… except when she needed them to fund Rory’s education.

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Rory bonds with Emily and Richard (Edward Herrmann), which surprises Lorelai. But instead of thinking that it’s great that Rory has a new relationship with her grandparents, Lorelai gets upset and jealous. She doesn’t even like when Rory goes golfing with Richard, even though it’s a school requirement.

7 Liz Sends Jess To Live With His Grumpy Uncle

Luke’s sister Liz (Kathleen Wilhoite) is a quirky character; some fans love her, others loathe her. But one thing is for sure: she has no idea how to deal with her son Jess (Milo Ventimiglia) and that’s pretty heartbreaking.

Many GG fans love Jess, and Liz makes a totally questionable parenting decision. Instead of helping her son through a tough time, she sends him to live with his grumpy uncle. It’s a strange choice as Luke knows nothing about teenagers — or kids in general.

6 Jackson And Sookie Don’t Properly Talk About Starting A Family

Jackson (Jackson Douglas) and Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) are a sweet, funny, adorable couple.

But there’s something off about the way that they start a family. Instead of having a proper and real conversation about how many children they want to have, Jackson mentions wanting four, and Sookie gets really scared. She doesn’t tell him how she feels and then when she’s pregnant at the end of season 3, it seems like it happened by accident. This is pretty confusing.

5 Lorelai Almost Marries Her Daughter’s Teacher

Lorelai has some problems as a girlfriend, and she has trouble getting married as well (at least before she and Luke finally get hitched in the Netflix revival).

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Way before Lorelai realizes that she’s madly in love with Luke, she becomes close to marrying Max Medina (Scott Cohen), aka Rory’s high school English teacher.

4 Lorelai Makes Many Decisions On Rory’s Behalf

rory's 16th birthday on gilmore girls

Although Lorelai and Rory are super close, Lorelai still sometimes makes decisions on Rory’s behalf, and they don’t seem like the right ones.

For example, Lorelai should know that Rory would hate a birthday party at Emily’s as it will clearly be too stuffy and intimidating for her, but Lorelai doesn’t tell Emily that they’ll pass. And when Lorelai bumps into Dean, she invites him over for movie night. Sure, Rory is glad in the end, but she’s really upset and scared at first, and it seems weird that her mom wouldn’t have considered that.

3 Emily Didn’t Reach Out To Her Daughter For Years

Some of Emily’s storylines aren’t very compelling, but it’s usually entertaining watching her interact with Lorelai since they have so much trouble getting along.

Emily makes a questionable parenting decision when she doesn’t reach out to her daughter for years. It’s true that she felt rejected when Lorelai left back in high school, but she should understand where her daughter was coming from and how difficult that time in her life was.

2 Sherry Leaves Her Baby And Goes To Paris

Sherry Tinsdale (Mädchen Amick) never seemed like she would be very maternal, and when she becomes a mom to Gigi, she definitely freaks out.

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Sherry makes a horrible parenting decision and leaves her baby with Christopher (David Sutcliffe) to go to Paris. Who would do that? Didn’t she feel like a terrible mom?

1 Christopher Can’t Handle His Spirited Daughter

Gilmore Girls Lorelai and Gigi

Yes, Gigi (Nicolette Collier) is cute, but she’s a very spirited child — and that’s putting it nicely. She runs around and screams and seems to make life really tough for Christopher.

It’s pretty bad that Christopher can’t figure out how to parent his daughter properly. He just doesn’t seem ready to be a dad again, especially since he never took being Rory’s father all that seriously.

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