The Choking Game #308

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25 thoughts on “The Choking Game #308

  1. Devsterinator

    Wow, Mark’s blinking about five times a second is slightly distracting,
    lol. Buuut, I’ve been that tired.

  2. MinorCheese777

    I’ve witnessed a version of this game. You have some one squat on the
    ground, breath deeply, then stand up and flex, and you should pass out. I
    was at the pool and some old friends pressured me and others to try it. I
    realized it was stupid and dangerous so I didn’t do it, but many thought it
    sounded like a good idea and tried it. I just watched them. It wasn’t even
    that funny.

  3. Jay McHue

    Wow. You can’t read, can you? I said “if you kill someone playing this
    ‘game,’ you WILL end up in jail.” Notice again: “if YOU kill someone… YOU
    will end up in jail.”

  4. Mark Yates

    Guys are not dumber than girls Tony… You cannot prove that
    scientifically. Teens tend to be dumb because there brains are not fully
    developed enough to rationalize yet. That is fact.

  5. Joke Vermanen

    @leviticuseighteen you are free not to watch this you know. Just as you are
    free to turn the TV on or off if you like. But if you turn down Jezus you
    are not free anymore, you are doomed….

  6. Todd C.

    I’ve never heard of a degree in sciences 🙂 Anyways, please answer this
    question so I can determine if you are indeed a religious nut-job.
    Evolution- Fact or fiction?

  7. Einvestigator96

    Mister/Miss: I agree totally with you, except for one thing only. That is,
    the fact that not everyone here is Catholic/Christian. I would say instead,
    that it is sad that they (the people who play this bizarre and twisted
    “game”), don´t see it as a signal that they need *something to live for*.
    In your particular case would be Jesus, in some other, just a will to live.
    Then again, I am not contradicting you, I´m just making your comment look a
    little more “impartial”… (Sorry for my English).

  8. Living Waters / The Way of the Master

    @leviticuseighteen You have been banned from this Channel due to foul
    language in a post that has since been removed.

  9. BWGgy

    Kids used to hold their breath to pass out in protest to their parents, at
    least in the movies I’ve seen. This is the same thing, just with something
    else to trick the mind. Too bad people are too stupid that they are hanging
    and strangling themselves without thinking the process through. Not much of
    a high, more of a head ache, the one time I tried it.

  10. Tina Marie C

    Have played the choking game when I was 14 years old. I used to think it
    was awesome. I once choked my little sister when she visited me (she was
    12/13) and she fell and looked like she had a seizure then hit her head on
    a lawn mower. I could have killed her. Teens are so immature, I was such an
    idiot. This video just reminded me of what happened. I thank the Lord for
    protecting her and for protecting me.

  11. flotopo

    I actually have a diploma in sciences…and by the way this was a pitiful
    attempt to trying to still show your superior grasp on all things natural
    or supernatural. I guess after all there are people who simply don’t want
    to think and want to be ignorant on purpose. Your choice.

  12. Jay McHue

    Glad you learned your lesson. Wish you hadn’t tried it in the first place,
    though. People have died the first time.