The Choking Game By Loubna Fawaz

Choking game is a deadly act of self-suffocation that is well known and popular among young teens in North America….This documentary was made in memory of …


2 thoughts on “The Choking Game By Loubna Fawaz

  1. Judith Obatusa

    You deserve an award for this topic.
    Thank you for opening our eyes to one more thing we need to be mindful of.
    Thank you for one more parent help resource. 

  2. Maggie Moison

    To Sopha and Joe and your sons and family…your always in my thoughts and
    prayers and what your doing to try and help other families to not go
    through your pain .I pray that reaches everyone and it should be taught in
    schools, to explain what can happen to so many other children..Through all
    your pain and suffering , it might reach so many and save children.Hugs and
    Love to all of you.<3