the choking game – stop and think

the title says it all.


25 thoughts on “the choking game – stop and think

  1. Kyle InkSkin Murphy

    even if this only reached 1 person it did its job well, thank you sir for
    sending this message out there, 70k people have now been warned, thank you

  2. gardevoirjarron

    @weezyfbaby20 weed also kills you, just slower. ever heard of bronchitus,
    sorry if i spelled that wrong

  3. verdemanthe1

    @CourtThompson and please realize this fact…..YOU ARE FUCKING DUMB! when
    you realize this youll become a little bit wiser and there may be hope for
    you yet(I doubt it though),and yes dumb people raise dumb people and no its
    not hereditary,if youre too dumb to notchokeyourself youre too dumb to
    raise an intelligent person and theyll be too dumb and so on and so on(see
    how I had to dumb that down so you understood my earlier comment)you need
    help, read a book you fucking retard

  4. verdemanthe1

    @CourtThompson seriously you cant be physically addicted to choking
    yourself so its a mental thing, either you are too fucking bored with your
    life and dont want to live anymore or you are fucked in the head, dont go
    to a shrink cause theyll coddle you like your parents,if you want to live
    man up and “fucking stop!” ,if you want to choke yourself then do us all a
    favor and finish the job,I dont want you to grow up and become some lame
    ass burden on society,theres people with real problems

  5. Portmaster14

    @rcatstott Dude if you cant get it what are u going to do ? choke urself?
    ofc not so finding someone whit that shit is the easiest thing . If you are
    in high school ur blind if u dont know someone who sells that.

  6. Skeletonwitharaygun

    I choke myself when having sex. By Myself I mean my penis. And by sex I
    mean masturbation.

  7. Darla Sirls

    @o0oalmosto0o I hope that you stop before its entirely too late…. Don’t
    let your next time be the last time.

  8. cunvroy222

    It also kills brain cells, and brain cells don’t regenerate!!!!!!!! This is
    definitely something that needs to be brought to teens attention. Thanks
    for putting this up.

  9. juicyjal

    What the fuck!!!!! i thought i was just doin this with no harm the whole
    time until i started thinkin about it and something told me there was
    something wrong with this so i looked it up and now i found out how
    dangerous this shit is! Thank God i found out about it b4 i killed myself!

  10. MrShawnjunglehead

    wow i tried this and i fell like the biggest retard ever after finding out
    all of this. im never doing that again