The Choking Game – The Real Deal

This is an edited clip of an educational video created by the GASP Association. Please go to their web site at to view the entire 14:33 vide…


25 thoughts on “The Choking Game – The Real Deal

  1. Marek Nowakowski

    Every1 saying it came out from America is short minded. This game is wide
    world known, here in Poland called in different names according to the
    decade. In 90′ it was called Speed or Rave and was done by children aged
    10-16. For US it is just lack of education imho, we knew what happens with
    unconscious ppl, so even as young children we all knew what to do. The
    whole campaign will only increase popularity of this game over US.

  2. budbadbig

    Oh okay, of course he didn´t know. After all, attaching a rope to my neck
    to make me stop breathing is somethig everybody knows can only be good to

  3. CanteringLeap

    I agree with you. But, I had no idea what it was really. I didn’t know the
    effects it could have on people.

  4. Pattyyy Curtis

    Well All of us are aware of the brain damage it could cause like its pretty
    obvious that you have a chance of dying but its so amazing

  5. oooozak

    This video may deter some. It can also be used as an instructional video to
    show people a painless way to die. Most people think of “choking”, or
    hanging as a very painful and violent way to die. Your video shows that
    cutting off blood flow to the brain, instead of “choking” by blocking the
    airway, is a very easy and painless way to die. Anyone can use this
    information to GUARANTEE an easy, and painless death. You are giving way to
    much information here.

  6. abby72097

    my best friend died from the choaking game plus i had a huge crush on him
    they should have this at my school i miss him

  7. Aspenly

    Videos like this piss me off.. sure this choking game thing is obviously
    dangerous.. but I wish they wouldn’t lie about stuff just to scare the kids
    who are watching it. A light knowledge of the brain/body and how it works
    will tell you that a good portion of the videos so called “facts” are
    little more than lies. When you lie in a video like this, you risk the kids
    being aware of it and thus thinking that the whole video is a lie.

  8. fudgiewoogle

    Whoah, this video seriously scared me into stopping. I’ve only done this
    twice, both times without friends around, but this has just made me realise
    how stupid I’ve been for doing it. Thank you for uploading this video.

  9. volvosheed1

    HS I cannot believe that kids would do this, That aint the smart thing to
    do, Thank god, YOU tube removed the “game videos

  10. AnFonE

    If you seriously don’t know the consequences of choking yourself.. at the
    age of 13. You get no sympathy from me, stupid people do stupid things. As
    someone below said… Natural Selection!

  11. Lucas Vander Bartlett

    she woke up and i remembered hearing her crying! and then she stopped and
    sat up and kept askign over and over am i goign to die am i going to die
    finally after what seemed like 30 hours lol the guy with the wheel chair
    turned up! closely followed by two security guards they took me and aaron
    to the infirmary where they sat us down and asked us was she under the
    influence of alcohol which i said no to but it was a blatent lie because i
    gave her some rum (we are all under the age of 17) V cont V

  12. xswangsx

    wow the kids in this video are fucking stupid using a belt the whole point
    is to let your atomatic breathing system kick in so you wake up!!!!! dipshit

  13. CanteringLeap

    Excuse me? The only stupid people here are the people that continue, even
    after watching videos like these, to play the game.

  14. mrluigigo

    we do the “Hypocapnia thing” (hyperventilation) not the strangle… does
    anybody know if this it dangerous on the same way? I heard that it makes
    CO2 that flows into your brain, and when somebody are squeezing your chest,
    it stays there to long before the blood can reach your brain with new
    oxygen. i see people are slapping them in the face to wake up… it has
    been like a hobby, and i don’t think anyone in my school knows that it’s
    dangerous… thats make me sad 🙁

  15. CabooseDaMan

    how the fuck did he deserve it? He just didnt know the consequences and
    wanted get a little high and its stupid and should never have been invented
    but theres no reason for anyone to deserve it.

  16. David Carmichael

    @StanPomeray — WTF do you know? Speak and prove your ignorance – or do
    something worthwhile. My son died because of this.