The Choking Game Victim Video


3 thoughts on “The Choking Game Victim Video

  1. Strictly Str

    I lost one of my best friends in the world to this “game” almost a year
    ago. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him. I really like that someone is
    making awareness for this. Thank you. My heart goes out to everyone who
    have lost somebody to this.

  2. Keir Evan Paul

    My son was lost two years ago this month. Don’t think I got to the easier
    part yet. Although his circumstances were a little different, it is the
    experience that is “so unnatural” and beyond comprehension. I know your
    contribution here has touched hearts and minds. . . It certainly touched
    mine. I pray that in time you will find a true peace in all this that is so
    rightfully yours. We are all touchstones, and I share your grief. . . and
    your hope.

  3. torie satterfield

    my brother died doing this eight years ago on thursday the 26th of
    september. it doesn’t go away but it will get easier to face each day. just
    keep your head up and remeber. stay strong.