The Choking GAME? – Whatever POSSESSED….!!!

Please talk to your children now – tomorrow may be too late!! What can possess a young person to commit a horrible crime to their mind? Or – maybe we should …


25 thoughts on “The Choking GAME? – Whatever POSSESSED….!!!

  1. WeisseEdelweiss

    @atomarane That’s true, too. I guess certain situations make people more
    likely to act upon these things. : (

  2. Atomarane

    @canadianstudmuffin – I know – they said on TV that this has been around
    for hundreds of years. Hundreds! Really – we are that stupid? Honestly, it
    makes me wonder sometimes. I never saw this when I was young maybe it’s
    getting worse but I sure hope not. 🙁

  3. WeisseEdelweiss

    Charlene, I’ve never even heard of this before. This is completely insane
    that this is happening. : ( i think that’s a good question to ask (among
    others). Who gains from me hurting myself? I think we’d have alot less of
    these troubles. Thank you for posting! I had no idea this was going on.

  4. TheLonelyBearCub

    GOODNESS! We had a few kids do this in the bathroom at my school a few
    months back. The big thing here is these kids should know how dangerous
    that is…*sigh thanks for this so much Charlene, we all need to let as
    many parents know as we can so we can try and prevent this.

  5. WeisseEdelweiss

    @atomarane It’s like you hear about all these initiations of kids being
    rolled up into rugs and thrown in their school’s pools. Jeeze. Someone
    can’t be THAT dumb. Or maybe they can. But still, one wonders. I never EVER
    dreamed of doing something like that as a teenager.

  6. nizzle211

    My nephew (my sisters son) is 2 years old and he would be really nasty for
    no reason,biting,punching throwing toys at people, and it has gotten very
    worse over the last 2 weeks and i am wondering could it not be him?. i have
    tried to talk to him and so has my sister but because of his age he doesnt
    really understand what were sayin.

  7. Atomarane

    @MultiIPwnage – makes sense to me – I agree. Sad too – when someone dies
    from it. 🙁

  8. Masticina Akicta

    @atomarane Do you even want to? In short terms is twilight fans that find
    biting their beloved ones hot. So far going to draw blood.. I am a vampire,
    part of the vampire community, not a blood feeder. And in our community one
    of the big no no’s is biting! Safety and Respect are of utmost importance.
    Of course expect twihards to look behind their most beloved fiction is
    asking to much. And about the gods, there are allot of crazy things going
    on lately!

  9. Atomarane

    @masticina – I so agree – we know of the terrible twos but this one seems
    to be going a little overboard.

  10. Atomarane

    @TheLonelyBearCub – especially since this has been around for so long and
    the danger of it is not as known – we need to keep sharing this information
    to others and often. I hope the kids didn’t get hurt. 🙁

  11. CatherineMileyxx

    @LovesToDance1981 I think that they don’t realize that it is dangerous and
    fatal. Sure to us it seems crazy but I highly doubt they realize it..
    specially if they are younger in age. We had no idea when I was younger..
    yet we played it once. It’s sad really.

  12. CatherineMileyxx

    This is really interesting that you made a video about this. I remember
    when I was around 8 or 9, playing that game with two other friends of mine.
    One of our friends was a little older than us and told us about it. I never
    actually did it but our older friend showed us and she passed out. We kept
    hitting her until she woke up. Why did we do it? I’m trying to sit here and
    figure out why. I think because we thought we would have amazing dreams?
    I’m not really sure. This video reminded me of that.

  13. Atomarane

    @CatherineMileyxx – it’s like anything – I suppose – when you have an older
    child telling younger ones things and the younger ones much less the older
    children don’t truly understand the problems that can occur – so sad. I
    didn’t realize that the youngest age in dying is six years old –

  14. Masticina Akicta

    @nizzle211 Mmm a concern one needs to look into, can be a chemical
    imbalance. Or an energy imbalance. However your nephew isn’t helping
    himself out with doing what he is doing.

  15. Atomarane

    @masticina – some kind of gods or god wannabes — but I don’t think it’s
    the ancient ones — if you know what I mean. Now I’m going to have to look
    into Twilight Biters.. never heard of it.

  16. Atomarane

    @Truthexpedition – it was a strong message that I got from my guides right
    after I saw this show about it. Thanks for commenting.

  17. Atomarane

    @WeisseEdelweiss – news to me too – so sad that some get into this and
    don’t even know the tragic situation that can occur. 🙁

  18. Atomarane

    @ForceMajeure360 – so true .. but can become ours, as well, if not blocked
    with awareness.

  19. Atomarane

    @WeisseEdelweiss – I guess it’s like they say – walk a mile before you
    judge them – you never know if someone’s common sense is being blocked too.

  20. LovesToDance1981

    its crazy I have heard of kids playing this, I just dont get why they would
    put themselves in danger like that