The Choking Game

We did a PSA for psychology class. This is on “The Choking Game”


25 thoughts on “The Choking Game

  1. ItsYourDad

    LOL natural selection at its best… the weak and stupid die and the smart
    and strong live, if a few retarded kids kill themselves, I dont say STOP I
    say THANK YOU natural selection, better they die like this than have them
    chasing squirrels across the roads ruining good cars!

  2. Kylie Lashua

    Look, we had to do a PSA as a project for our Psych class. We decided to
    discuss the choking game because it’s not as well known, and there are
    people out there doing it that don’t know just how dangerous it is. Whether
    you think it’s a ‘bad video’ or ‘obvious’ or whatever else, your opinions
    are irrelevant. Our goal was to shed light on the dangers of this topic,
    and that’s what we did. We wanted to help people, you should learn to do
    the same.

  3. Clarissa Gregorie

    I sit here and choke you and u get high from it 😀 So cheerful about
    something so horrible. Thanks for posting the awareness vid