The Criminalization of Cyberbullying

I have written quite a bit over the years on the question of whether it is necessary to enact new criminal statutes to combat cyberbullying. Be it a proposal for an amended state statute or a new city ordinance, it seems popular these days for politicians to publicly proclaim the scourge of cyberbullying by offering legislation to make it a crime. Few stand on the side of cyberbullies on Election Day, so it is probably a safe platform. But is it the right approach? The latest incident to thrust this issue into the public light is a test case out of Albany, New York, where, back in 2011, a 15-year-old student was arrested and charged with a then recently-passed county-level cyberbullying law. The student in this case is accused of having created a “flame page” wherein he posted photos and disparaging comments (read more…)

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    This makes a great point. Teens do not realize the affects of their actions/words have on others. What we have been doing, letting families and schools deal with it, is simply not working. Having a record as a minor may not be the answer at first but simply involving police could be a great start to a big problem.