The highs and lows of parenting life | #parenting

The parenting life is one of constant juxtaposition. The daily highs and lows and regular contrasting pictures of peace and chaos bring to mind Dickens’ famous opening line from a “A Tale of Two Cities:” It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. 

In order not to co-opt that literary genius’ line for the purposes of this column, I’ll present the theme of this column in my own pithy saying about humanity: Some days you’re on a roll. Some days that roll is one of toilet paper. 

And for parents, the “some days” in these opposing realities are almost always on the same day. Here’s an example. 

The kids had eaten an early supper and were outside playing in the backyard. My wife and I had sat down to eat in a quiet house. It was a nice meal and we had some classical music on. A particularly appealing harpsichord piece was playing and as I started to make a remark about it, I was interrupted by a bold call from the bathroom, “Moooom, I’m done going poop!”

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