The Importance of Opening Schools During Corona Pandemic | #coronavirus | #kids. | #children | #schools

  • President Trump has called for schools to open in September.
  • Israel Chassidic schools refuse to close against government Corona regulations.
  • Education is fundamental to life.

The Talmud teaches the world only exists because of the pure breath of children without sin in elementary school that learn the Torah. It is even more important the learning of children in Elementary school than any other level of education.  The world was created for the sake of the learning of these children who are without sin. According to the Bible even if opening up schools in September may be dangerous for some people who are in the ages of danger from Corona, schools must open. The Talmud teaches, the learning of children whose breath is pure without sin, is greater than the learning of adults. Elementary schools in throughout the world, in America and Israel must open for the fall term. Opening the schools will bring the blessing that the Corona Pandemic will end soon.

President Trump calls for schools to open in September.


As families and policymakers make decisions about their children returning to school, it is important to consider the full spectrum of benefits and risks.  Parents are understandably concerned about the welfare of their children at school in the wake of Covid-19. There is evidence that if children are infected, they are far less likely to suffer severe symptoms.

At the same time the harm attributed to closed schools on the social, emotional, and behavioral health and economic well-being and academic achievement of children are well known and significant. The lack of in person educational options disproportionately harms low income and minority children and those living with disabilities. These children are far more likely to rely on key supported resources like food programs, special education services, and counseling to meet developmental needs. Aside from the child’s home, no other place has more influence on the child’s health and wellbeing than their schools. Schools are providing:

  1. Educational instruction
  2. Supports the development of educational and emotional needs
  3. Creates a safe environment for development
  4. Addresses nutritional needs
  5. Facilitates physical activity
Chassidic boys learning with their teacher.

Covid -19 poses a relatively low risk to school aged children. They should not be prevented from learning.

Considering the dangers of Covid-19 every effort should be made to keep schools open. In Israel when schools were opened in May, immediately there was a large outbreak of the virus in one of the high schools. 153 students and 25 staff members tested positive for Corona virus. The children will recover or suffer minor symptoms and their educational needs should be supported by substitute teachers just like in hospitals when the hospital staff become infected the work continues.

Also in schools when the teachers may become infected and need treatment, the children should continue to learn with substitutes. Children usually can have the virus and it will not harm them. Corona virus does not affect children like adults.  Children should not suffer for the sins of the elders but every effort should be made to keep schools open.

The Bible teaches that the learning of children takes preference over other activities in life which may demand quarantine during the Corona Pandemic. President Trump called for re-opening of US schools.

Israel Chassidic schools refuse to close even against government regulations.

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