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Not a day goes by without The Mercury featuring a front-page headline about a local community or school board raising taxes. It’s amazing that even after an influx of COVID cash from the feds these progressives think they have to take more money away from people. They are living up to the “tax-and-spend” stereotype of progressives everywhere.

Chuck Draksler

The latest gimmick from the White House is to send us “free” at-home testing kits for Covid. They aren’t free kits, taxpayers are buying them. I don’t need one. I am vaccinated and I had Covid earlier this year. I know what Covid is like. I don’t need a stupid test to tell me I have it. Stop wasting time and money. Develop therapeutics to cure Covid once we get it.

Not living in fear

CNN medical analyst Leana Wen said Monday on “Newsroom” that cloth masks are “little more than facial decorations” in preventing the spread of coronavirus. Now that is funny. After being told I was a High School Graduate who knows nothing about science, I now find the doctors are starting to agree with me. Of course, Fox News agrees too. Soon they will follow the science — except for N95 masks, the rest are useless too.

Sam Tasik

Question for most of the regulars writing in this forum. Why so much anger? Let’s not pretend that it has anything to do with the last election. I’ve followed Sound Off for years and remember the days of people enraged about barking dogs, potholes, parking, speeding drivers, the 25 MPH speed limit, even that there is too much air in a bag of Cape Cod Potato Chips. The anger doesn’t seem new. Why then?


During the campaign, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris attacked President Trump for not having enough testing. Now Joe Biden has been caught with his pants down. Having had almost 2 years of experience, which Trump did not have, Biden doesn’t have enough testing. Biden did not see the mutations of Covid coming despite the fact doctors talked about this since Covid first started.


Had to get an emergency procedure Thursday night at Pottstown Hospital. The staff and doctors were terrific and God bless all of them. Ten people waiting in ER and 7 were non-vaxed COVID issues. Just get the vaccine and help the doctors & nurses.

Once again Joe Biden’s minders have been exposed for their lack of vision. No less an authority than Kamala Harris admitted that Biden’s administration did not foresee mutations of the Covid virus. They were not aware that viruses mutate into other variants like Delta or Omicron.

Michael Stern

Omicron is fast on track to become the leading cause of Covid infection. On the surface, it appears to cause less severe illness, though you can still die from it. Vaccination may be less effective in preventing infection. The longer it is allowed to spread, the more likely a new variant will arise. There is a 50/50 chance that variant could be a lot worse. It needs to be stopped now.

Few metrics are more telling on the failure of state governance than the loss of a Congressional seat. PA will have 6 fewer next fall than was the case just 30 years ago. The decline is a commentary on the degree to which job creators find our state unattractive. Fueling that perception? A crusade by State Sen. Katie Muth to cripple our energy industry, its 600,000 jobs and increase the tax burden on employers.

M. Furlong

I bet residents of New York and many other states wish they had the foresight to curtail their governor’s emergency declaration powers as Pennsylvanians did in May 2021. What’s not to like about the change? The governor can still act quickly to address an emergency. He/she simply needs the consent of the legislature to continue the emergency actions beyond 21 days. Why did Democrats fight this commonsense amendment to the PA Constitution so vociferously?

Robert Minninger

The mother of an adult Down’s syndrome woman (31 years old) sought to prevent her daughter’s Covid vaccination, in part, because it might be the “mark of the beast,” and doom her to “eternal torment” in a “lake of fire.” One has to ask why a just and loving God would be so bureaucratically spiteful to a daughter who may not even be capable of making that decision on her own.

I bet Joe Biden and Kamala Harris regret warning the American people against getting the COVID vaccines during the presidential race against Donald Trump. Dumbocrats listened to the Dysfunctional Duo instead of the awesome leader who launched Operation Warp Speed and delivered 3 vaccines in record time. Now they’re paying the piper.

Missy Miss

Joe Biden gave us his latest leadership pep talk. Scranton Joe told us to be prepared for a “winter of death.” He also said that “vaccinated people” do not spread the Covid. Biden is a fountain of lies and misinformation. Thousands more deaths under Joe Biden than under Trump and we are still waiting for his plan to shut down the Covid.

Nancy Lessig

Texts to Marc Meadows on Jan 6th from one of Trump’s sons: As the violence continued, one of the President’s sons texted Meadows: “He’s got to condemn this s*** Asap. The Capitol Police tweet is not enough.” Donald Trump Jr. texted. Meadows responded: “I’m pushing it hard. I agree.” Still, President Trump did not immediately act. What was trump doing, watching it on TV.


Yo Robert Minninger — let’s not forget Trumps appointees: Michael Pack Head of US Agency for Global Media (fired); Kathleen Kraninger Director of Consumer Financial Protection (fired); Peter Robb Counsel for National Labor Relations (fired); Rick Perry Secretary of Energy – new nothing; Steven Mnuchin Secretary of Treasury – WTF; Betsy DeVos Secretary of Education – fund private schools; Andrew Puzder Secretary of Labor – cited for wage theft

Truth Be Told

I can’t help thinking of what Obama said about Joe Biden — “Never underestimate Biden’s ability to “!@#&” things up.” Biden didn’t see Delta and Omicron variants coming, he didn’t see the Taliban taking Kabul, he thought inflation was transitory, he didn’t see his policies causing a rise in gas prices, he didn’t see the need for more testing, etc. In other words, Biden isn’t even close to our best and brightest.

Richard Paladino

Attention red-staters, this is who Mehmet Oz is. You may know him as Dr.Oz, real name, Mehmet, Turkish Muslim. Born 6/11/1960 in Cleveland, OH. Raised in Wilmington, DE. Spent summers in Turkey and did two years of service in the Turkish Army to secure his Turkish citizenship. He is a practicing Muslim. Supposedly is registered as a Republican in Montgomery County since 2020, where did he vote in 2020? Have fun with this one.

David M.

I frankly didn’t believe that The Mercury would print anything that was sent in to Sound Off, but the Mercury proved me wrong. The comments by Patriot54 and Lefty along with a few unsigned comments keep getting more unhinged and outlandish almost daily, but The Mercury keeps printing them.

Tina Aldez

You call yourself Patriot54, what makes you a patriot? What have you done for our country except spread communist propaganda? That doesn’t make you a patriot, it makes you a traitor like Benedict Arnold. Have you served in the military where you were required to swear to uphold the Constitution? Did you vote for the best candidate whether Democrat or Republican? I have. Biden is president, and you praise him for inflation, illegals, and pork bills. Wake up!

Under Joe Biden’s leadership, we have blown by the 800,000 Covid deaths milestone. Joe Biden promised to shutdown Covid-19 and so far it has only gotten worse. On the other hand, Biden broke his promise not to issue mandates. So far Biden has presided over more deaths than Trump. For some reason, CNN’s death toll ticker has disappeared from their channel.

Ruth Mutter

Con Don got his shots and booster vaccinations and the Trumpies booed him! O hope since some people get confused they should let people know the death totals of unvaxxed versus vaxxed. And Doc Oz is a joke — if the medical community has COVID all wrong let us know what is right.

JB in Limerick

I find it amusing that those on the left and on the right complain about a person’s blurb in this section, then blame them for all they find “wrong” with the other side. Almost everyone thought Jussie Smollett was guilty long before the trial, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell are too old for their job and there are biased news outlets that put a slant on all their stories and unfortunately, tell outright lies.

The Moderate

The January 6th event should be investigated, and guilty parties should be penalized for their behavior. But after witnessing 2 impeachments run by our Democrats, does anyone seriously think that the January 6th investigation will be thorough and all-encompassing? How could you? Should Pelosi have had more security in place? Of course! There were people planted in the crowd to stir things up, will that be looked at? How about investigating the riots of 2020?

Imagine getting 3 vaccine shots in one year all for the same virus (which you have a 99.9% chance of surviving) and calling the unvaccinated people crazy. Dem’s be tripp’n!


I swear nothing is made in America anymore. Our new TV has a sticker that says “Built in Antenna” and I don’t even know what continent Antenna is on!

Jim Fitch

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