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Through the personal interview, I saw delight and fascination in her eyes as well as fear. Ashley said she wanted to be lawyer. I teased her when I offered that lawyers can be poets, too.

It is writing and feeling these deep emotions that often invites us into a vibrant place of healing. Poetry can create moments of solace.

Poetry can take the writer as well as the listener to a place that is inviolate. Poetry allowed Ashley to listen to the utterances of her heart.

She leaves the reader with the line, “Everyone screams with joy and hopes that it will get better.”

As the children book “Going on a Bear Hunt” sings: “You can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, you’ve got to go through it.” Her poem fights through pain of racism and the anxiety of deportation to a glimmer of glee and a promising future.

Ashley, keep your violin strings attuned to equal rights and justice for all. Continue writing poems, you were born for this. Here is Ashley’s powerful poem: 

America is a sad deep hole

Sad is a word I describe america

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