The power of having mom and dad stand up for you on your big day | #parenting

As silly as it may sound to some, knowing you have your parents with you at any age, is important…

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There’s no denying that when you are celebrating your big day… you get sentimental. Besides the overwhelming moments of emotion, there is the fact that you are about to engage in a new chapter in your life. 

Your wedding day is a moment that warrants big decisions, big emotions and is worthy of great pieces of advice. Usually those words of wisdom are best when said by your parents, the ones who are letting you go into this next chapter, equipped and ready for the next level. 

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Many times people are of the belief that parents are there to protect you and do things for you, but we believe that parents are there to empower you and equip you with the tools to adulthood. 

It’s a circle of life and part of tradition for parents to give away their children on their big day. Some may get into the specifics in it being a gender bias thing, but we think it is more a rite of passage. 

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We saw this video of the groom who thought that his parents were not going to be able to travel and attend his wedding – we assume due to COVID-19. But his reaction to their arrival was absolutely heartwarming and a real tear-jerker…

It showed us that sometimes, nothing quite equates to having the support of your parents. Of course, that is completely subjective, but we think in this case, it was completely priceless and absolutely beautiful…

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