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The fans have been waiting for her for a long time and the series of Netflix did not disappoint:Cobra Kai it’s back! Now you can enjoy the new episodes on the Streaming Giant and find out how Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso fared by combining their training styles with the youth of the Valley. The stakes are high… Kreese added a new ally to his dojo, martial arts teacher Terry Silver, a man of no scruples.

How are Johnny and Daniel doing merging Miyagi-Do with the Eagle fang? In a word: bad. They cannot put aside their differences despite the fact that young students value the power of each of these styles, as different as their practitioners. In this sense, Miguel Díaz finds in LaRusso a new mentor, who even helps him in his personal life. Johnny gets jealous of that relationship.

An eternal fight!

For his part, Daniel is surprised by Terry Silver’s return to the Valley and the worst memories come over him. According to LaRusso, only Miyagi-Do can defeat the combined forces of Kreese and Silver. However, Johnny disagrees, and thanks to jealousy over the relationship between his student Miguel and his longtime rival, coupled with the senseis’ natural style opposition, conflict erupts.

Daniel and Johnny agree to a match in Miyagi-Do to see who will be in charge of training the new generations. The fight ends in a draw and then the two schools separate, a fact that seemed inescapable. The Valley Karate Tournament arrives and with it new rules: skill competition and categories of women and men. Miyagi-Do, Eagle Fang and Cobra Kai they come up with a promise. The loser retires from the Valley.

During the tournament, Hawk fights Robby and realizes that his rival knows all of Miyagi’s moves, so Daniel encourages him to use more aggressive moves, like Johnny’s. Ultimately, the LaRusso student wins the men’s tournament. Daniel’s daughter Sam must fight Tory to define the winning dojo. In her corner are Daniel and Johnny, together again, however, she cannot beat her opponent and Cobra Kai keeps the Tournament.

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