The Untold Truth Of Baby Ariel | #socialmedia | #children

Baby Ariel flipped the script on youthful stardom by building her own brand and content catalog before moving into mainstream entertainment. In 2020, Ariel starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie “Zombies 2” and, as of this writing, will be reprising her role as Wynter in the trilogy’s final installment. 

Being a Disney star means so much to Baby Ariel, and she brings her special light to the current generation of young actors at the channel. In February 2021, she reminisced about a life-changing moment in her career. Ariel posted a clip of herself doing the famous Disney Channel “wand ID” where stars use a sparkling wand and a little green screen magic to draw Mickey Mouse’s ears. In Ariel’s prized video, she delivers the classic, “…and you’re watching Disney Channel” and exclaims, “Look, mom! I just did it!” The glee in her video mirrors that in her Instagram caption: “One year ago today all of my dreams came true.”

Ariel got to host “Disney Fam Jam,” a family dance battle series, in 2020 with “Zombies” co-star Trevor Tordjman. In addition to the Disney projects, Baby Ariel has made a name for herself at Nickelodeon. She guest-starred on an episode of “Henry Danger,” was a contestant on the 2019 “Double Dare” reboot, and was the lead in the “Bixler High Private Eye” movie. 

Next comes a psychological thriller called “Oracle,” about which Ariel tweeted, “My first feature film and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

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