The week’s best parenting advice: April 27, 2021 | #parenting

From the moment Lynn Berger learned she was pregnant with her second child, a son, she couldn’t help comparing him to his big sister. She was born on her due date, he was late. She learned to walk sooner than he. He got over tantrums earlier than she. “In coming first, she had set a baseline against which we measured him,” Berger writes at Mother. Then an instructor at a parenting workshop explained that parents who openly compare their children can encourage unhealthy sibling rivalry. So she decided to stop. “Whenever I find myself thinking that my son differs from my daughter in this or that respect, or the other way around, I catch myself,” she explains. “I remind myself to try and look at this one child in isolation as much as I can.” It hasn’t been easy, but “simply being mindful of whatever tendencies you might have can help you, if not to root them out, then to mitigate them at least.”

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