The week’s best parenting advice: June 1, 2021 | #parenting

Single mom Destini Ann is all about “positive parenting,” and she uses her TikTok account to spread the word about parenting phrases that can set boundaries, but also reinforce empathy and validate a kid’s feelings. One of Destiny’s favorite phrases is “Are you open?”, which she deploys when her child is venting about a difficult encounter or event, and Destiny wants to share some of her own advice. “Are you open?” is short for “Are you open to my thoughts?” Asking this “opens the floor for receptivity, because I gave her respect first, I didn’t just barge in with my opinion,” Destiny explains. It also lets the child choose whether this was a learning moment, or just a moment to vent. And sometimes, Destiny’s daughter is definitely not open. “I’ll be like ‘Alright, well whenever you are open, I’m here if you wanna talk.’ And she loves that.”

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