The week’s best parenting advice: June 7, 2022 | #parenting

The early years of children’s lives are vital for brain development, writes Sarah Showfety in Lifehacker. But according to Dr. Dana Suskind, a pediatric surgeon who studies child brain development, the recipe for enhancing early brain development is pretty simple: tune in, talk, and take turns. Take time to stop, tune in to what your child is doing, and build a “conversation” around it. “If they’re entranced by a squirrel on the deck, you can say, ‘Are you looking at a squirrel? Wow that squirrel has such a fluffy tail!'” writes Showfety. Use a rich vocabulary and ask questions in order to engage them in a “back and forth” conversation pattern. The process requires “no research, devices, or specialized training. Just a conscious effort to notice what’s got your child’s attention, put your verbal focus there, and start a conversation,” writes Showfety.

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