There’s new research on social media use in Canada. Where do you fit in? | #socialmedia | #children

Insider Intelligence just published a look at the social media habits of Canadians of all ages. Marketers are gonna love the resulting data. Here’s a quick executive summary.

  • 63.2% of Canadians will use social media at least once a month in 2021. Most of that will happen on smartphones.
  • The demographic group that’s most active are people between 18-24. There’s a 99.0% chance that they will be on some kind of social media in the next month.
  • The second-most active group are those between 25-34 (90.9%), followed by 35-44s (82.9%) and 45-54 (73.5%)
  • Facebook use is declining. Back in 2017, 61% of us were daily Facebook users. That number is now just 37%–which is fine, considering how evil Facebook can be.
  • Marketers take note: 90% of adults say they used Facebook in the last month while only 48% of teens were on the platform.
  • Teens love their Instagram and Snapchat. Check out this table. Note the disparity between teens and adults when it comes to TikTok.

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