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Extra! Extra! 
Long-awaited after a year of uncertainty, the Aurora High School musical, Newsies, is set to take the stage this week and entertain the masses with a number of high-energy numbers and heartwarming scenes.
With shows at 7 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and a 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. performance on Saturday, almost everyone will have a chance to see the magic live and some of their favorite Huskies transform into well-known characters in the Newsies world.
A handful of lead cast members, as well as a member of the pit crew, sat down with the News-Register for a Q&A session all about their excitement leading up to opening night, as well as their relationship with their character and favorite scenes to perform. Other lead cast members will help reflect on the success of this bi-annual treat following the conclusion of the final performance and will be featured in the March 31 edition. 

Karey Killion looks back on the sum of 37 years teaching
For some people, their chosen career path just adds up and this is certainly true for Karey Killion, who has spent the last 37 years teaching math.
Her journey began by teaching in Grand Island before moving to High Plains Community Schools, where she has been teaching 7-12 math for the last eight years.
Education has been a guiding force in her life since childhood. She explained that she originally chose this path because her father was in education.
“I just have always enjoyed being around kids and helping them learn how to learn,” she said. “I just enjoy the company of being around other people.”

Class of 2002 still on top
Aurora’s Class of 2002 still resides at the top of the mountain. 
For the 16th time, the Class of 2002 prevailed as the Aurora Alumni tournament champions, defeating the Class of 2017 43-39 Sunday afternoon. 
The championship game featured a balanced attack from both sides with almost everyone getting involved. 
The Class of ‘17 jumped out to a 22-19 lead before taking a 24-19 lead at the half. 
Three pointers from ‘02’s Cody Hoegh, Brandon Handrup and Brock Wyatt helped them get back into it, going up 36-33 entering the fourth. 

56-lot housing project ready to roll in Phillips
County planners gave the thumbs up last week to a housing redevelopment project expected to add 56 single-family dwellings to the community of Phillips within the next few years.
Project developers Jeff Reed and Darren Bartunek reviewed details of the Barrcon Workforce Housing Redevelopment Plan during a public hearing March 16, explaining that Tax Increment Financing will be used to cover infrastructure cost in order to keep the sale prices as low as possible.

Allred warns of social media danger
Corbin Allred pulled no punches last week, warning Aurora parents that kids are becoming prisoners in their cell phones, locked into a social media world where the dopamine they feel from instant feedback becomes more important to some than what’s happening in their real lives.
Allred spent the day in Aurora March 17, visiting with students of all ages during the morning and afternoon, followed by a parent event in the evening where he shared real-life experiences reflecting the dangerous social media road today’s teens are traveling on.

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