Three students expelled after boy ‘cornered and repeatedly punched’ in vicious attack | #students | #parents

A student at Otago Boys’ High School in Dunedin is reported to have been repeatedly punched in a vicious attack by other pupils.
Ross Setford

A student at Otago Boys’ High School in Dunedin is reported to have been repeatedly punched in a vicious attack by other pupils.

Three students who repeatedly kicked and punched a fellow studentat Otago Boys’ High School have been expelled following a disciplinary process.

Police are making inquiries after the student was badly beaten in the vicious assault.

Footage of the attack on the student was posted to social media and widely circulated,, causing outrage among parents.

Otago Boys’ acting rector Andrew King said the school is assisting the police inquiry into the incident and investigating who shared the video.

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“[The school] is working with New Zealand’s online safety organisation, Netsafe, to remove the video from social media and restrict further harm caused by its distribution,” King said.

The boy is said to have been cornered in a school bathroom by two other students, one punching him in the face after he asked them why they were assaulting him.

One attacker is said to have smirked to the camera, before the boy was punched again.

In an apparent effort to stop the attack he reportedly pulled out his wallet to offer it to his assailants, before they repeatedly punch him and kick him.

According to the Otago Daily Times the 67-second clip showed two pupils cornering the victim, before repeatedly punching him.

The victim reportedly asked: “Why are you doing this?” before being punched.

Another pupil declined to join in the attack, saying he did not have a problem with the boy.

The victim reportedly told the attackers he did not want to fight, and his head was repeatedly knocked into a wall as he was hit, before being kicked in the leg as he tried to walk away.

The attackers reportedly said: “You won’t f…ing snitch, aye? You won’t f…ing snitch?.”

The attack was reported to police.

“Police are aware and have received a report of a serious assault at Otago Boys’ High School on June 15 and are making inquiries,” a police spokesperson said.

King said the incident highlighted the need for strict regulations relating to the use of digital devices.

“Students are aware of the school’s zero tolerance for unacceptable behaviour in the school environment and its policies on bullying and digital safety.

“The school will continue to respond with all its authority to protect students’ emotional and physical safety,” he said.

Earlier this year an additional digital safety policy was introduced to ban the use of phones during the school day.

The student who was assaulted has returned to school where he is being supported by counsellors and other students, King said.

“In the past year, the school has increased its counselling staff, instigated an improved rostering system to enable more staff to be circulating around the school, and introduced an online anonymous reporting system.”

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