Three women nabbed for taking kids to a drug den

The Local Drug Action Committee (LDAC) of the Department of Social Development helped police arrest the women who were found with children below the age of nine (9) in the drug hub on Thursday morning‚ the department said in a statement.

Lolly Lounges are drug hubs named after the glass pipe shaped like a lollipop used to smoke substances such as tik.

“Exposed to drugs‚ alcohol and illicit sex and violence‚ the traumatised children together with a seventeen year old teenager who was found to reside at the illegal drug and illicit sex infested lounge were taken into a place of safety that is administered by LDAC‚” the department said.

Three men will be charged “with criminal activities including possible statutory rape‚ child abuse‚ possession of illicit drugs and operating an otherwise forbidden facility in the community”.

“Meanwhile‚ the three women will face possible charges of child neglect‚ illegal trade in sex‚ possession and use of drugs.”

The children will be offred psycho-social counselling‚ the department said.

MEC for the Department of Social Development Molebatsi Bopape said:. “It is shameful that women who are supposed to care and protect their children are the ones that expose them (children) to dangers of being sexually molested by equally evil and irresponsible males.

“I’m particularly disappointed that after so much effort and resources have been utilised in Eldorado Park‚ following the Presidential intervention‚ the community of Eldorado Park is still ravaged by such social ills that clearly undermine development in the community.”