Tips On Parenting In COVID Times | #parenting

By Sagarika Sahoo Parenting Expert at Momspreso.

Parenting is a game not acquainted with any standard book but it’s from its own ordeal in varied episodes. Parenting, a game??…. Indeed! A very intriguing game of patience and reasoning to gain a victory by upbringing your happy clone. Parenting is a delightful journey backed by bunches of challenges and learning. The recent scenario of COVID has entirely plopped parents to wield extraordinary strategies in the ” Game of Parenting.”

Knowledge about COVID to the little one –

Gone were the days, when a child inferred a moon as ‘Chanda Maama’….. Today’s generation needs a reasonable description of everything that transpires around them. So, the best way is to make your child aware of the recent circumstance in an optimistic and twisting way like COVID has arrived to reboot the planet and humans need to become heroes by only lingering indoors to get back the spectacular planet. Indeed, the little one would be happily assisting to stay home, being the hero for saving his Earth.

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The mental well-being of the child –

A playful child is a robust child but it’s tough in the COVID situation as a child’s play world gets constrained to four walls. Here, the parent imposes to solidify extra effort to step into the child’s shoes. It’s a great time for a parent to dwell back into childhood days and befriend little partners to build the best memories. Creative games are accessible on social sites and you can take a step ahead to create your own channel to upload videos and wonder to get relished by the world, for being so enthusiastic with the child in COVID times. Making the child bind to his friends on video call also zeal him with happy times. Multiple activities with your child like Zumba, exercises and yoga can also freshen him up with a healthy and fit body.

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Boosting Immunity –

As per physicians, it’s crucial to make sure we have a strong immunity which impedes us from any deadly virus. Make the child consume balanced nourishment and intake of Vitamin C rich food for boosting immunity.

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A hygiene practice to follow –

Do we recollect hygiene modes followed up by our ancestors? COVID situation has brought back the similar hygiene methods of washing hands, feet and changing clothes after entering the home from out and so on. So, the parent recites to implicate obeying the hygiene habits which not only benefits in the current situation but safeguard children generously, if followed in the future. You can lend points and credits to the child for regular hand washing and retaining social distancing when meeting people. A parent is the child’s role model, hence yearn to obey the same first.

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Online challenges – 

The school was a learning home for the child with fun and friends. It’s constrained to phones and laptops and the real world have revamped into a virtual and internet world. Online sessions are playing a prominent role in maintaining learning and activities. Parents need to keep a tab of the child to get less exposure to other online games. Setting up a parenting control on devices and scheduling time for the internet are great ways to protect the child’s visions and minds.

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One-on-one with the child –

A parent gets quality as well as measures of time to spend with the child to interact and motivate him in diversified topics. Rig up free time exclusively for him with no phones or distinct deterrents. Try to stay as much as positive with your child. Anger management of parents is very important as that may trigger stress and anger in the child as well. Laugh together on pranks, discuss career, story reading, and much more which will create positive vibes in the home. You can encompass him in baking a cake and arranging his room with fun. Make a structured routine for the child to discern.

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Going back to the roots –

Due to an occupied roster, we incline to skip exposing the child to the roots. It’s an incredible time to educate him about the value of our culture and heritage. Make him adjoin more to grandparents and relatives over a video call.Start exposing to nature… As the unlock process has commenced now, a parent can gradually start to expose the child to nature with maintaining all essential precautions and hygiene. Prefer a time when there are fewer people like in the early sunrise.

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A happy mother or a parent can only boost a happy child, so it’s more significant for the parent to feel optimistic first in the COVID times. Involvement in a pastime, you are passionate about apart from work and routine, makes you a pleased person, eventually leading to ” Happy Parenting.”

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