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TRI-CITIES, WA – April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. It’s dedicated to raise awareness and preventing child abuse in all its forms.

A former Oregonian created a book to teach families prevention techniques and strategies to keep their kids safe.

Because of the pandemic, kids are online now more than ever. That may be allowing them to be abused not only by bullies with words, but by sexual predators.

“That’s a huge problem that I think a lot of parents might not be aware of how bad that is,” Kimberly King said.

Last year alone, there were 18M reports of sexually explicit pictures of kids being shared online.

“Abusers are now going to where our kids are. So, they are not at club scouts and they are not at church groups, and they are not on sports teams, and all of that because of these pandemic. They are online,” King said.

She said, “so, you have to teach your kids that not everybody is who they say they are online.”

She said it’s also important to teach your kids about their body parts. If your children knows the correct body part terms and body part rules. That send a red flag to the predators and potential abusers.

“They’ll pick another victim because they want to get away with it. So, if your kid is already well versed and educated on this stuff. They are going to move on,” King said.

She recommends teaching kids body boundaries from the beginning.

“As soon as your kids are able to have language, you need to teach them about their whole body, being private. Almost like in a bubble. And that, if somebody wants to touch them, they have to ask for permission,” King said.

She recommends talking about secrets as well. If you have no secret rule, this cannot be used against your child in the grooming process. King encourages parents to study up on how to keep your kids safe at all times, especially online.

To help you prevent child abuse in its many forms, King made a children’s book called “I Said No.” She also teaches an online class for parents called, “Simply Safe Kids” to present this material.

You can find more information on here website at The discount code is SIMPLYSAFEKIDS for 20% off.


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