Today’s crowded study spaces are affecting college students | #students | #parents

Study spaces: In a typical school year, they’re everywhere. College students can hit the books in their dorm rooms, head to the library or settle in at a local coffee shop. 

But this past year has been anything but typical, as many students packed into homes with working parents, Zoom-studying siblings and sometimes children of their own. The cramped study environments can pose an academic disadvantage to low-income students who are more likely to live in crowded conditions, said Daniel Stokols, a professor emeritus of social ecology at University of California, Irvine. 

“When you have a certain amount of affluence and space at home, when you’re not as confined… you’re going to be at an advantage going forward (compared to) people who are trying to focus on a class on Zoom and they’re being distracted by the noise around or the high density or lack of access to nature.”

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