Toddler dies in Tulsa child neglect case

Police named three people possibly involved in the death of a Tulsa toddler.

Monday afternoon, a woman later identified as Dominick Smith dropped off the 2-year-old at Hillcrest Hospital. The toddler had massive head injuries and doctors put him on life support at St. Francis.

He was later identified as King Owen.

Police began searching for Smith, who turned herself in around 7 p.m. after seeing herself on the news.

Investigators believe she and Johnnie Jones were caring for the child when the abuse happened.

At 10:30 p.m., police arrested her on child abuse and neglect complaints.

Police arrested the toddler’s mother, Keyshawn Brown, for child neglect. They say she knowingly left her child in an unsafe environment for several days.

Officers later found Jones, bringing him in for questioning. Police arrested Jones Tuesday morning.

According to arrest reports, Brown gave her son to Smith and her boyfriend three weeks ago; Smith said Brown did not want him anymore.

Officers say she knew of Smith’s boyfriend’s arrest history and neglected her son by failing to provide adequate supervision.

Smith said the boy drank sleep medicine around 3 a.m. Monday and began foaming at the mouth.

She claimed she drove him to the hospital, but didn’t go inside at first, fearing arrest.

She returned to her apartment, but the child continued to foam at the mouth and was unresponsive.

She wrapped the child in a blanket and took him to the hospital that afternoon.

Owen died just after 11 p.m. Tuesday.