Toddler tries to calm mom down before flight departs | #parenting

WATCH this video below, courtesy of TikTok.

The fear of flying is not as uncommon as you would think – and it is something that many people struggle with well into adulthood. 

Like this mother who was trying to control her anxiety about flying just before take off. 

According to, “Traumatic events unrelated to flying can cause fear of flying, particularly when they occur shortly before a flight. This might be an auto accident or a physical assault, or even a sudden, unexpected layoff.” 

As we see in the video, the mother is trying to keep her cool about it all, but it is obvious that something is troubling her. 

Instinctively, her toddler, who seems to be engrossed in his phone, does the most endearing thing. 

Completely bowls both her and us off our feet…

When he reaches out and holds her hand, so maturely, it really gets us thinking. 

Our baby humans are so in touch with their sense of empathy and it is our responsibility to ensure that they hang onto this unique gift for as long as humanly possible. 

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