Trial in fatal fight between Bremerton teenagers underway | #socialmedia | #children

Prosecutors told jurors Monday that a teen who stabbed to death another teen during a fight in Bremerton last year saw the “perfect opportunity” and dismissed her claim of self-defense, alleging that Syanna Puryear-Tucker, 16, was stabbed 24 times.

“She saw an opportunity,” Deputy Prosecutor Barbara Dennis said of Lola Luna, 17, during opening statements in Kitsap County Superior Court. “And she took it.”

Among Luna’s social media posts Dennis sought to highlight for jurors was one where she is seen with a knife and mentions she has “stabbing energy.”

“You will have to ask yourself if stabbing someone 24 times is self-defense,” Dennis said.

Luna’s attorney told jurors that Puryear-Tucker and another girl had conspired to lead Luna to believe she would fight somebody else.

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