Troy man helps save teens from fiery wreck | #socialmedia | #children

A Troy man is credited for helping save the lives of two teens who were caught in a fiery wreck on U.S. 2 and Walsh Road earlier this month.

Levi Lawson, 26, said he was traveling down the highway with his family after a visit to Whitefish when he came upon the accident July 10 at the intersection.

He pulled his car over while his wife stayed in the car and kept an eye on their twin 2-1/2-year-old girls. He first checked on the occupants of a Toyota Highlander that had accidentally pulled out in front of a northbound Subaru because their view was blocked by a tractor trailer truck making a turn onto Walsh Road.

The vehicle had three teenagers inside, but they appeared to be OK and were able to get out on their own, he said.

At first he wasn’t sure what had happened because the Subaru had crossed the road and went down in a ditch.

But then Lawson saw the smoke.

He ran over to the car and checked on the occupants. All five were teens heading to the Under the Big Sky festival.

He said at first the engine was just smoking, but then it started to show flames. Meanwhile he checked on the driver, Kadence Rose, 17, of Kalispell.

He was able to pull her seat back and get her door open, but he could see she had a broken femur and he wasn’t sure how to move her and ambulance personnel weren’t on the scene yet.

Then he tried to get the passenger out, Colton Kuka, who is Kadence’s boyfriend, but he was jammed into the car. Kuka’s seat wouldn’t move back and the door wouldn’t open.

Lawson was getting more concerned because the car was now starting to show flames, so he pulled the Kuka by his arm through the open window.

Fortunately, the boy wasn’t very big.

“He was pretty small and that was a good thing,” Lawson recalled. “It still bothers me to see how lucky he was to get out of that window.”

Kuka didn’t have any broken bones, Lawson recalled, and he was able to stand up once the he was out of the car.

By then, the car was really starting to burn. Flathead County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived and Lawson said that once the boy was out of the car, he was determined to get Rose out quickly, broken leg or not.

The deputies helped him get her out and by the time she was up on the bank, the car was fully engulfed.

Lawson said he doesn’t remember how the three teens in the back seat got out. But Gwen Rose, Kadence’s mother, credited deputy Caleb Tappan for his efforts to get the teens out of the back seat.

One girl in the back had a bad head injury but she is recovering at a local hospital.

Lawson said it didn’t appear that anyone had a seatbelt on.

Gwen Rose was able to track Lawson down through law enforcement and social media to thank him for saving the teens’ lives and they got together with Kuka for a picture last week.

Lawson said it was just one of those situations where he just wanted to help in anyway he could.

The whole ordeal lasted about 15 minutes, he said.

Lawson works nightshift at Schellinger Construction.

Montana Highway Patrol investigated the wreck and said no drugs or alcohol were involved, it was simply an accident.

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