Trump Just Bullied A Child At The White House Easter Egg Roll

President Trump’s narcissistic self-absorption and shocking refusal to show even the smallest courtesy or compassion for others was on full display this morning at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

Meant to be a day for children to meet the leader of their nation and to have some fun, Trump inevitably made it about himself. When one child asked him to sign his hat, Trump happily did so… before flinging the hat far into the crowd, prompting a cry of rage from the disappointed child who just learned that hard way what kind of a man Donald Trump really is.

Taking one’s hat and having it thrown far out of their reach by a schoolyard bully is a painful memory far too many of us are familiar with – and now this poor kid knows exactly who his President is.

It’s truly mystifying. Was he teaching him some kind of lesson about the cruelties of life, by showing him what a bully and a thug Donald Trump really is? Did the Alzheimers kick in and cause him to forget what he was doing five seconds earlier?

Is it enormously petty to call attention to this? Perhaps. But it’s astonishing to see this kind of behavior from our POTUS when just a short while ago, our kids had this man to look up to: